Supplemental Military Life Insurance

Most military families do not have enough life insurance protection. Discover how affordable it is to protect your family from hardship!

Spouses & children

Military spouses need more life insurance! The FSGLI provides a maximum of $100,000 which is not enough. Experts recommend at least $250,000 additional for spouses.

Service members

There are two reasons to supplement the SGLI plan. To provide proper protection for your loved ones and ensure easy portability when exiting the service.

Veterans & Retirees

Exiting the service comes with a list of to dos! Make sure you're getting the best rate! Although the VGLI is a great benefit, it is not competitive compared to private market plans.

Life insurance for military families can be confusing! While the military provides families with life insurance coverage, many do not understand the important of securing a supplemental plan outside the military. Life insurance for military from the government includes the SGLI for service members, FSGLI for dependents and VGLI for veterans. Find out how securing supplemental coverage can protect your family from financial catastrophe by contacting us today!

Needs Assessment

Not sure how much life insurance you need? Melissa offers families a custom needs analysis designed to their goals.

Transition Assistance

Exiting the military? Melissa helps service members review their life insurance options as they prepare for civilian life.

Strategic Planning

Confused by life insurance plans? Melissa helps families save money with a portfolio that fits their unique situation.

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Disclaimer: Coverage is sold in $50,000 increments up to $1,000,000.  Rates displayed above are effective as of 1/1/17. Like most insurance policies, MetLife’s policies contain exclusions, limitations, reductions of benefits and terms for keeping them in force. 




Military Spouse Life Insurance

Term 90 Plus

$250,000 Coverage

Non Tobacco

Female, Age 23

Service Member



Life Insurance for Military Members

Term 90 Plus

$500,000 Coverage

Non Tobacco

Male, Age 27




Veteran/Retiree Life Insurance

Term 90 Plus

$500,000 Coverage

Non Tobacco

Male, Age 40

What should you do next?

Calculate your needs

The first step to buying life insurance should be determining how much you need. Melissa Schreur is an experienced agent who can help you do this in a few minutes. 

life insurance for military

Life insurance for military members can be hard to find. It's important to be sure the plan chosen does not have a war clause and will accept the service members occupation as well as deployment territory. Melissa offers military friendly policies. 

Work with a military spouse

Melissa Schreur is a military spouse and has 14+yrs experience as an insurance agent. She is an independent broker offering competitive life insurance for military families in several states. Her office is located in the heart old town Key West, Florida. 

Office & Agent Information

life insurance for military

Melissa Schreur is a military spouse. Her office is located in the heart old town Key West, Florida. As a dedicated military wife and Certified Insurance Counselor, she strives to provide affordable solutions and top notch service to her clients. Click here to learn more about Melissa and her mission to protect the military family community. 

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