Military Family Life Insurance


Military spouses do not have enough life insurance coverage through the FSGLI benefit. Experts usually recommend an additional $250,000 in coverage to adequately take care of their families should they pass away prematurely. Spouses are eligible for low rates!

Active Duty

Although active duty military members are offered up to $400,000 in SGLI benefit, many choose to secure additional coverage. This is especially helpful when transitioning into civilian life. Not to mention, protecting their home front!


Thank you for your service! Exiting the military comes with a list of to dos. This is the perfect time to compare your life insurance options. Many veterans find they save a significant amount by choosing a term plan over the VGLI and SBP options.

Sample Plans & Average Pricing


Sample Plan

$12.50 per month
  • $250,000 Covergae
  • Preferred, Non-Smoking
  • Female, Age 23

Active Duty

Sample Plan

$25.00 per month
  • $500,000 Coverage
  • Preferred, Non-Smoking
  • Male, Age 27


Sample Plan

$40.00 per month
  • $150,000 Coverage
  • Preferred, Non-Smoking
  • Male, Age 40

Insurance Companies

Office & Agent Information

Melissa Schreur, CIC - Licensed Agent

Melissa Schreur is a military spouse and has 13+yrs experience as an insurance agent. She is an independent insurance broker offering competitive life insurance options for military families in 49 states, as well as D.C. Her office is located in the heart old town Key West, Florida. As a dedicated military wife and Certified Insurance Counselor, she strives to provide affordable solutions and top notch service to her clients. Click here to learn more about Melissa and her mission to protect the military family community. 

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Life insurance isn't for you... it's for the ones you leave behind!