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Professionally, Melissa is a career insurance agent. She has 13+ years of insurance sales and customer service experience. With a life license in several states and is a Certified Insurance Counselor designation she has the expertise to help her customers chose the best life insurance plan for their needs. 

Personally, Melissa is a dedicated military spouse traveling the nation with her husband. Currently calling Key West home is a blessing as a native of the Sunshine State! In her free time she enjoys training her puppy, watching sunsets, singing, reading and most importantly date nights with her husband. 

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Melissa Schreur, CIC

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  • FSGLI Conversion – Spouse Coverage Continuation

      FSGLI  Conversion - What Happens to Spousal Coverage? My least favorite feature of the military spouse benefits is the FSGLI conversion. Now this is actually a saving grace for some spouses but for most it puts them in a sticky situation regarding their life insurance portfolio. Let me explain why. I've noticed that most military spouses are oblivious to their true life insurance needs. They seem to have this mentality that they are all set up with whatever coverage is provided under their service member's plan. As a life insurance professional with 14yrs of experience, this is troubling. If military spouses are relying solely on this benefit they are not only drastically under insured but can have insurability challenges when their service member exits the military. Unlike the service member's plan, there is only one option to continue the coverage. That option is to convert their FSGLI group life insurance into a whole life policy with a participating company. Whole life is a permanent plan that costs much more than term life. <h2>5 Minute Consultation</h2> <p style="text-align: center;">A brief, complimentary call to answer your life insurance questions and see if...
  • SGLI To VGLI – Life Insurance After The Military

    SGLI to VGLI Pros & Cons SGLI to VGLI is the process for service members to turn their life insurance benefit they received on active duty into lifetime coverage through the veterans program. Military personnel approaching their separation date have a long list of items to review as they work towards becoming a civilian. Comparing life insurance options should be at the top of that list as most may find a better priced plan than the retired military life insurance. The best life insurance for military retirees is the plan that can not only provide the lowest cost but greatest value. Many veterans leave the military with mental and physical health issues. As an experienced life insurance professional I have worked with several who are shopping the market to find out if they can decline the VGLI coverage. SGLI Conversion Pros The most significant pro is the guaranteed insurability. In order for coverage to be guaranteed veterans must apply for the VGLI program within 240 days from their separation date. If they don't they can still apply for another 245 days since the allotted time frame is currently 1 year and 120 days. After the 240 days a health review is required and a veteran...
  • VGLI Rates – Can Veterans Get a Better Deal?

    VGLI Rates Compared to Alternative Options Veterans who are exiting the service need to pay close attention to the current VGLI rates. Life insurance continuation is one of the many items on a service member's to-do list as they prepare to separate. If a service member does not have another life insurance plan outside of the military to rely on, they'll need to assess what options make the most sense. Since it is common for service members to join the military and retire at an early age chances are life insurance will still be necessary. In an ideal situation they would have plenty of assets, minimal liabilities and children who are grown and outside of the house. We all know that is not every veteran's situation. Veterans are also leaving the military with mental and physical disabilities. These disabilities often can prevent service members from obtaining life insurance coverage after the military. Or at least at affordable rates. This is where the Veterans Group Life Insurance plan becomes a saving grace. If you are familiar with my life insurance practice and other articles, you may already know that my number one recommendation to service members is that they buy supplemental life insurance coverage while...
  • SGLI Cost Review – Overlooked Considerations For Your Military Family

    SGLI Cost - What Should Service Members Do? SGLI cost is out of pocket for military members. They have the option of cancelling the coverage at any time and some service members wonder if it's a good deal.  While the SGLI benefit may be a low cost life insurance benefit for these military members, it isn't free. Service members likely don't think of it as a paid benefit because they don't deal with the invoice but the policy is paid with their hard earned dollars. The funds go to Prudential towards the group plan that is administered by the Veterans Administration. Is this benefit worth the cost? In this post, I'll highlight some of the key considerations a service member must review in order make an informed decision about their life insurance costs in and out of the military. As a life insurance professional it's my job to help clients breakdown the insurance plans available to them. I help guide them on what makes the most sense financially depending on their individual situation and goals. I know it's easy to judge me and say I am commission hungry because I sell life insurance plans! After 14yrs experience, I can take the criticism. Never does...
  • FSGLI Cost – You Get What You Pay For

      Is the FSGLI cost worth the benefit? Let's explore the FSGLI cost and the provided benefit to military spouses under the Service Members Group Life Insurance program. Many military spouses are not 100% familiar with how this plan works. As a military spouse and life insurance professional, I'd like to help you compare the benefits against this cost. You may be surprised to find that this program, while in most cases is affordable, often has disadvantages compared to alternative options. In case you don't know the spouse SGLI program is a benefit provided to military families as a group option. Group life insurance is coverage provided by a person's employer. In this case the U.S. Military is the employer whom has an arrangement with Prudential to provide low cost life insurance to military personnel and their family members. The program is administered by the Veterans Association. FSGLI Cost Disadvantages These are my biggest pet peeves about the FSGLI group life insurance plan: Low maximum coverage limitLimited beneficiary choicesPoor continuation privileges These are not necessarily uncommon with group life insurance options. That being said most are likely unaware of such limitations with their military spouse life insurance coverage. This is particularly an issue due to the fact...
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