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Are Military Death Benefits Paid During Government Shutdowns?

Table of Contents1 What happens to military death benefits and the SGLI?2 What death benefits are put on hold during these shutdowns?3 $100,000 Death Gratuity Pay Outs4 SGLI Service Members Group Life Insurance Status5 Conclusion What happens to military death benefits and the SGLI? Military families are resilient and can handle a lot of challenges… Read More →

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Life Insurance for Active Military – Rates & Deployment

Life insurance for active military with hazardous occupations or deployment orders Life insurance for active military whom have a hazardous occupation or pending deployment orders is actually attainable. Families should make certain that the proper life insurance coverage is in place. There are several military friendly companies that can provide this benefit. You may be.. Read More →

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How Mental Health Affects Life Insurance Approvals

Mental Health & The Military We all knew what we were getting into, right? Isn’t that what most people tell us when we are venting about how tough things are? The thing is most of us(service members, spouses & veterans) really didn’t. Not that we aren’t committed to the mission or anything. Even though most.. Read More →

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FSGLI Conversion – Spouse Coverage Continuation

SGLI Spouse Supplemental Coverage The FSGLI offers a low cost policy for spouses when the family is in the military. It is a plan I recommend all spouses take advantage part in. However, spouses should make it a priority to purchase additional life insurance. They do not have the same challenges their service member’s do.. Read More →

SGLI to VGLI – Life Insurance After The Military[Watch or Read]

 SGLI Conversion Cons Service members have another conversion benefit on the SGLI. They have the option of converting it to a whole life insurance policy at standard rates with a participating company. Whole life insurance is one of the most expensive permanent plans out there. Plus it is offered at standard rates. If a service.. Read More →

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VGLI Rates – Can Veterans Get a Better Deal?

VGLI Premium Rates VS Alternatives The good news is that service members who are shopping for life insurance after retirement or separation can often find a better price than the VGLI insurance rates. Even if they have a medical condition. While private life insurance companies all have similar requirements for common health issues, there are some.. Read More →

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SGLI Cost Review – Military Life Insurance

Transition challenges If a service member waits to shop the market and secure their extended coverage until they are separating from the service, the price and policy approval will be subject to a health review. The VA put out a small list of health conditions that are most commonly uninsurable when veterans look for alternative.. Read More →

FSGLI Cost – Spouse Life Insurance Disadvantages

FSGLI Premiums Spouses can elect to buy family SGLI in increments of $10,000. The premiums are based on how much coverage is selected and the age of the spouse. The FSGLI cost will go up as a spouse gets older. Children are covered at no cost unless they are over 18 with certain requirements. Here.. Read More →