Your life insurance deficit was calculated with the following formula:

  1. Multiplies income by years to replace
  2. Adds additional amount as specified
  3. Adds total debt payoff as specified
  4. Adds final expense costs as specified
  5. Subtracts military provided life insurance
  6. Subtracts other life insurance as specified
  7. Subtracts total assets to be liquidated


Please check your email for a detailed copy of your results

Note for Servicemembers: This calculation deducts the $100,000 death gratuity and the 365 days of BAH that was entered which the military provides automatically for dependents. The calculation only deducts other benefits such as DIC and SBP as they are provided in the calculation. Please check with your benefits adviser if you need help calculating the dollar amount your surviving dependents would receive from those benefits if they are eligible.