Life Insurance Guide From A Local Agency

Discover how to save the most time and money on your life insurance coverage today! Melissa Schreur, an experienced agent, shares her best tips in this easy to follow guide. 

  • Find out how to calculate the amount of coverage you should buy.
  • Learn what it means to have a portfolio of plans for your family.
  • Get advice on how to choose the amount of money you should spend.
  • Tips for where to find valuable, inexpensive life insurance plans.

Protect your home front today with life insurance.


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Coverage Amount

Use expert recommended calculations to determine how much coverage you should buy. 


Policy Types

Get an overview of the types of life insurance policies offered and decided which is best. 

Application Tips

Learn how to shop around and apply for coverage with a company you can trust. 

Is your home front protected?

Life insurance can seem overwhelming! However, it’s a must have purchase for just about every family.

I put together these tips to help consumers feel confident and informed enough to secure this valuable protection.

Life insurance coverage gives your loved ones peace of mind if the unthinkable happens. Don’t live without it!

Insure Your Love.

You buy insurance on tangibles like homes, cars, boats

and belongings. What about protecting the ones you

love from financial catastrophe?


If your beneficiary would struggle to earn enough

income or pay off debt when you die, then you

need life insurance!

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Protecting your loved ones with affordable, term life insurance is easier than you may think! Follow these easy tips and you will feel confident on what type of coverage you need and where to get it. 

Melissa is an experienced broker who realizes that consumers often have similar questions about their life insurance options. That's why she put together this cheat sheet to help make the process easier. 

Insure The Heroes, offers top rated life insurance policies and quality advice you can trust. Working with an independent agent allows you to save time and money. Get a complimentary quote today!

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