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Although there are many online quoters out there, these are NOT the best way to get estimates for your life insurance coverage. Prices are determined by your unique health and lifestyle profile. Only experienced professionals can give you an accurate idea of what the insurance company will offer you for life insurance. 

Save time and money by using a broker, like Melissa, to shop the market and get the best plan for your family. Insure The Heroes offers a long list of top rated life insurance companies. 

By completing this short quote request form, Melissa will work hard to match you with the right company. She has 15+ years of experience and works hard for her clients. 

Melissa will: 

1) Help you determine your coverage needs

2) Help you decide on the right policy type

3) Provide consultation for optional add ons

4) Monitor your application during the decision phase

5) Provide guidance if the company counter offers 

6) Stay in touch over the years if you need an update

She is your life insurance lady. Get started today! 





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Why choose Melissa?

Like many things in life, online quotes are not as easy as they appear. Sure they may give you an average of what most people a certain age are charged for life insurance. 

What they don't do is provide an accurate estimate of what YOU will be charged. Life insurance companies look at a variety of factors to determine your life insurance price. Your job, income, health or driving record all have an impact on the final rate. Melissa will help find the best company for your specific situation. 

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