How much life insurance do you need?

Learn how to protect your family from financial catastrophe if you pass away prematurely

why should you calculate your coverage needs?

debt payoff

Many military families today carry debt on cars, homes, student loans and credit cards. Make sure these are paid if you die.

final expenses

Everyone has to go somewhere when they die. Whether you choose cremation or burial funeral cost can add it quickly.

college funding

Many parents desire to ensure their children go to college. If you pass away, life insurance can fund their education costs.

immediate cash needs

If you pass away chances are your loved ones will have immediate cash needs to keep the household together.

long term expenses

Think about how much money your loved ones will need in 5 to 20 years to maintain their standard of living without you.

deducting assets

Once you add all these needs together you can deduct what you already have in life insurance coverage and assets.

How to use the calculator

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