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Melissa, how much will it cost?

You want a price now. I get it! Despite what anyone tells you, it's just not that simple. One thing I can tell you is that life insurance is WAY more affordable than you think. Studies show consumers overestimate the cost of coverage by 3-5 times. 

That means you can easily fit buying a policy into your budget. Why don't I show rates on my website?

Here's the deal, life insurance prices are calculated by insurance carriers who review several factors of a person's health and lifestyle profile.  

Although you may find online quoters across the internet, your rate is NEVER finalized until the company has a chance to do underwriting. 

Getting a quote online for life insurance isn't ideal. The best way is to speak with a qualified professional. They can give you your options in just a few minutes. 

Working with an agent allows them to shop around for you taking a lot of leg work off your plate. When you choose me as your agent, you won't get any high pressure sales speech. Just quality, life insurance information. 

Together we'll come up with a life insurance strategy that is designed to truly protect the ones you love. 

That my friends, is how you get the right price on life insurance. Are you ready to get started?

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The Truth About Online Quotes

One reason using an online quote tool for life insurance prices isn't ideal is the fact that you may not know what you need. Life insurance is more than numbers.

It's a good idea to think about your budget, how much you have in place, what amount are you missing and who you need to protect. 

Consider the following questions first:

  • How much can you afford to pay?
  • How much coverage do you need?
  • Who will be your beneficiary?

An experienced broker, like myself, can help you figure these out fast. That way you can move on to getting a price on a plan that fit your specific needs. Instead of some generic offer you found online!


Ready to be a hero?

Melissa is an experienced life insurance agent that offers affordable coverage through top rated companies. She strives to make the process smooth for her clients. She'll help you be a hero and protect your home front with life insurance!

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Top Rated Life Insurance Companies

Melissa works with reputable, financially secure life insurance carriers whom offer competitive prices. 

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Melissa offers specialized life insurance information to military families, parents and business owners. 

Military Servicemembers

There are two reasons to supplement the SGLI plan. To provide proper protection for your loved ones and ensure easy portability when exiting the service.

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Military Spouses & Children

Military spouses need more life insurance! The FSGLI provides a maximum of $100,000 which is not enough. Experts recommend at least $250,000 additional for spouses.

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Military Veterans

Exiting the service comes with a list of to dos! Make sure you're getting the best rate! Although the VGLI is a great benefit, it is not competitive compared to private market plans.

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New, Single & Stay at Home Parents

Did you know the coverage you have at work usually won't be enough to protect your children? New, single and stay at home parents have unique life insurance considerations. It's wise to get a review to find out how much you need as a parent. 

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Business Owners

Starting up or running a business sure takes a lot of effort. Make sure your American Dream is financially protected with common plans such as coverage to fund a buy sell agreement, key person to protect the company if you lose a valuable employee as well as coverage for a SBA loan requirement. 

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