Life Insurance for Active Military – Rates & Deployment

Life insurance for active military with hazardous occupations or deployment orders

Life insurance for active military whom have a hazardous occupation or pending deployment orders is actually attainable. Families should make certain that the proper life insurance coverage is in place. There are several military friendly companies that can provide this benefit.

You may be surprised at how many options military members actually have. You simply need to know where to go and when to proceed with your application.

In this post, we’ll talk about certain military rates, deployment territories, war clauses and application procedures.

Dangerous Military Jobs

Not everyone in the military has a dangerous job. It’s important that you disclose as much detail as you can about your job duties with your company in order to be certain they can cover you.

Insurance companies use data from the actuaries and the U.S. Department of Labor to determine how dangerous someone’s job is. They are basically looking to find out how often a person is putting their life at risk in order to perform their job duties.

Important: If the applicant is a member of Special Forces, Rangers, SEALS, Marine Force Recon, Marine Raiders, Delta Force, Air Force Pararescue, or a similar unit, they will not be offered coverage with most individual life insurance carriers. They need to seek coverage under a group, military affiliated plan. Insure The Heroes can assist members with these hazardous rates. Please contact me for details.

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The insurance companies will usually have a supplemental questionnaire to be completed that will be attached to the application. While coverage is available for pilots, the rate is usually pretty high through individual markets.

Deployment Orders & Territory

Life insurance for active military members who are currently deployed is only available through select organizations. Please contact me for additional information. Now if a service member hasn’t deployed yet but has orders to do so, then there are some criteria life insurance carriers look for in order to make an approval. Some companies won’t even consider pending orders. Others will simply want to know where and how long. Companies actually use the U.S. Department of State’s International Travel Advisory. The underwriters may say as long as the service member does not have orders to a “hot spot” or “area of unrest” we can consider an applicant. Civilian consumers are also required to disclose their past and future international travel. Carriers will review to which territory they went or will be going to as well as for how long and what purpose. Life insurance approvals are based on risk and they need to have a solid picture of each individual’s travel habits.

War Clauses

The most common concern for military members is finding life insurance without a war clause. I would never advise a military service member to purchase such a plan. Even if it means paying a little more for a plan that is guaranteed not to have this type of provision. While many military friendly carriers like to promote the fact their policies do not contain war clauses, it doesn’t mean they are the only option. There are a handful of individual life insurance carriers you may be familiar with that do not have a war exclusion. They simply do not make a practice of advertising such feature as some of them limit their number of sales to military. That is why it is imperative to be as upfront and forthcoming as possible regarding your current rate and deployment potential. Companies will often consider service member’s rank and how likely they are to change occupations over the course of their career. Many times it is possible to obtain a sample of the carrier’s policy language. It’s best to do this whenever possible. A brochure or word from a representative is comforting but insurance claims are always bound by the policy language. If the company does not issue sample policy wording, have your representative provide copies or retain records from a pre-sale discussion with the company’s underwriting department. This is something that can be submitted with the application to ensure everyone is on the same page. Often a pre-sale underwriter is a different person than the underwriter who will actually make the decision to approval your policy. Furthermore, companies offer a free look period once the policy has been issues. This will give you a chance to review the actual policy and discontinue it within 30 days for a refund. If you happen to see that the policy has any language regarding a war clause, you should start applying for an alternative plan asap. With today’s technology, insurance companies often offer e-delivery. This means if you requested your policy via email you can receive it much sooner than U.S. Mail. Military families move to often to be waiting for such important documents in the mail.

Policy Contestability

Most states have an insurance law that says life insurance policies are considered incontestable after 2 years. Sometimes the length of time varies. Please refer to your policy language that is based off the state the contract was issued in. Why do I bring this up? It’s important to note that because a policy is contestable within the first 2 years, service members should be certain to inform their company of any change in rate or deployment. The life insurance company should advise you on whether or not this plan still provides the proper coverage. It should since you disclosed your occupation and duty station correctly at the time of application; however, some carriers may advise you a claim may be contested. Keep in mind that even though policies have contestability periods, it doesn’t mean they will actually contest claims.  Simply that they have the right too. Regardless you don’t want to chance it. It’s better to call your company as soon as you have these changes if they are within this time frame. While claims can’t legally be contested after the period specified, it wouldn’t hurt to make that call anyway. If you have an agent, they would be happy to assist you with such correspondence. Be sure to get as much as you can in writing to keep on file for your beneficiary. It’s better to know right away if you need to shop for another policy. Especially if you are prepping to ship out for deployment overseas.  

Application Procedures

If you are informed of the fact you will be getting deployment orders, it is extremely important to begin your life insurance review and shopping asap! I can’t stress this enough. Often service members get notice 30, 60 out 90 days out if they are lucky. It’s a busy, frantic time for sure. I know! You must find a way to get additional life insurance sooner rather than later. Be very proactive about this. Write down any questions or concerns you have. If you are limited on time recruit the assistance of an independent agent or family member who can do the leg work of shopping around for you. Life insurance companies have to follow guidelines from the state departments as to where an applicant is located during the time of application. Furthermore, the application, pending signatures and exams all need to be completed on U.S. soil. The policy review does not have to be completed but these items do. Otherwise, the service member will likely have to wait to finish their life insurance when they return from deployment. This can leave your family exposed to financial catastrophe while you are away. Deployment is stressful enough. There’s no need to make it worse. Too many times, I have worked with service members facing deployment that waited too long and were unable to make a decision or finish their life insurance before they left.


The moral of the story when searching for life insurance for active military personnel who have dangerous jobs or deployment orders is to be prepared. Don’t procrastinate on your research or application. Be as open as possible and ask lots of questions. For a consultation on your specific situation, schedule some time with me today! You can request a quote online or call me today! 

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