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While the military provides low cost life insurance commonly know as the SGLI, the $400,000 benefit is typically not enough to cover a family’s long term financial needs. Service members who own supplemental life insurance outside the military can have peace of mind knowing that when the leave the service they have affordable coverage

Supplementing coverage is especially important for spouses who can only get a maximum of $100,0000 under the FSGLI. Experts recommend spouses to carry at least $250,000 in additional life insurance. 

Veterans & retirees are offered the option to extend the life insurance benefit through the VGLI upon exiting the service. The veteran’s program is not a competitive plan compared to private market policies. 

I never recommend discontinuing the military life insurance benefit provided but simply supplementing it with outside coverage. 

There are separate challenges for service members and dependents when it comes to taking your military life insurance into the civilian world. 

While service members are offered the VGLI plan when they become a veteran, this plan is not competitive with private market plans. 

Family members have the ability to convert their FSGLI coverage; however, only into a whole life plan with participating companies. 

If either waits until the time to transition approaches, then health issues can make it difficult or impossible to purchase coverage elsewhere. 


My name is Melissa Schreur. I am an independent life insurance agent licensed in several states. As a military spouse and career insurance agent, I understand the unique challenges we face as military families. 

Being that I am independent, I do not work for any one insurance companies but represent several A rated ones that offer competitive rates for military families. 

Most importantly because I am broker! If it turns out that one life insurance company will not offer you a policy, I have the ability to either find one that will or provide a reason why you are not insurable at this time.

This is extremely valuable as most other military companies only represent their product. Life insurance approvals are based on a factors such as health and occupation. Often times it turns out my competitors are not the best options for every military family. 

While other military companies may provide similar life insurance benefit plans, they lack the ability to provide personal service. Due to the fact they are large call centers. You will spend a long time on the phone to reach them and repeat your situation when transferred.

The rates and benefits my companies provide are VERY competitive when compared to other military companies.

In order to determine the best life insurance amount to purchase, you should complete what is called a needs analysis. I have designed a life insurance calculator specifically for military families.

This calculator will allow you to answer questions about your unique lifestyle and deduct military provided benefits should your family lose your service member, spouse or veteran. Contact me today to receive the calculator or for help determining your needs.

Additionally, experts recommend reviewing your life insurance needs every one to two years in order to ensure your family is always adequately protected. 

In my 14 years experience as an agent, I’ve had many people ask me this question. The short answer it is it depends on what your goals are and how much you are willing to spend every month on your policy payment. While whole life will provide lifetime coverage, it is not my favorite permanent plan.

There are other plans on the market that will offer a better value for lifetime coverage. Most families should buy term life insurance as a means of protecting their family while they work hard to grow their assets over time. That way there is no need to carry life insurance later in life. A fee only financial adviser can offer other products that are best suited for investing as well as provide a life insurance coverage recommendation. 

In most cases life insurance companies will ask service members what there profession is inside the military. The underwriters are looking for dangerous jobs such as EOD technicians, piloting, scuba diving, etc…This will determine whether or not a service member will be approved and at what price point.

I do have a military friendly company that does not consider a service member’s occupation. In fact they do not even ask on their application. Please contact me if you are looking for a policy for a service member with a hazardous occupation!

It is possible to apply for coverage while overseas or deployed. Your approval with depend on whether or not medical records or an exam copy is required and can be obtained. 

The military friendly plans that I recommend are term life that do not accumulate cash value. The purpose of life insurance should always be to provide protection for your beneficiaries in the event of your premature death.

Commonly known permanent plans such as whole and universal life to have a cash value feature which can grow over time. The problem is most people cannot afford the monthly premiums for those plans and do not understand them enough to maintain the cash growth. 

Before considering any cash value life insurance plan, I recommend meeting with a fee only financial adviser who can help you decide which vehicles are best for your investment strategy. 

Yes! Since the policies offered are private market plans they will not be changed after exiting the service and becoming a civilian family. 

That is great! While the Survivors Benefit Plan offers protection for your survivors, many service members elect to purchase term life insurance instead or as a supplement. When you complete a life insurance needs analysis/calculation you can deduct this benefit along with other assets from your life insurance need. 

Just keep in mind that sometimes estate taxes apply during probate settlement. 

It is recommended to stay in touch with a fee only financial adviser to counsel you on your specific situation. They can tell you whether or not you should consider life insurance as part of your portfolio. 

As an independent agent, I do not work for any one insurance company. I am appointed with several A rated carriers for military group plans as well as individual plans for civilians. Please see more details below the FAQ section on this page. 

No. As an agent, I am compensated directly by the various insurance carriers I am appointed with to offer their life insurance policies. 

It is my professional practice to never allow any commission incentive to sway the recommendation I make to a client. I take this very seriously and always do my best to do what is in a client’s best interest. 

An exam is not always required. It will depend on your age and coverage amount selected. Service members who can provide copies of recent exams that include labs are often exempt from having to take another one. 

Approval times can vary between one week and several months. If doctors records or exam copies are needed this can often delay the process. It is crucial to apply for a policy as soon as possible to ensure your family is covered properly!

In order to get started, you can call me directly at 844-514-5433 or use this short form to request a quote. We will decide on a plan that best fits your needs and budget. The application is easy and only takes about 10 minutes.

I’ll ask for your personal information, beneficiary preferences, health history and payment details. Then you will receive an emailed copy to review and sign electronically. Once the signatures are complete the company will begin working on your approval! You will be that much closer to protecting your home front from financial catastrophe. 

Let’s check this off your to-do list! Contact me today. 

While there is no money due until they life insurance company makes an approval, your bank account information is collected on your application. If you want coverage in force as soon as the approval takes place some companies require a 3 month up front payment. Otherwise coverage takes place 1 month after your approval. 

Some companies will allow you to pay your premiums by mail or over the phone every month BUT I highly recommend automatic deductions from your bank account with your bank’s routing and account numbers.

This way you can ensure you never miss a life insurance payment and lapse your coverage. Your debit card expires and has to be updated. Given the hectic nature of military life, it is safer to use your bank account numbers. 

As a life insurance agent, I practice the most current security procedures to safeguard my client’s personal information. The insurance companies I represent practice similar methods and have secure portals for transmitting your information. 

No matter where you apply for life insurance, your application will ask for your date of birth and social security number to verify your identity.

If you choose me as your agent, you can expect to receive world class service as we work together to protect your family. I strive hard to ensure my clients have a pleasant and speedy experience while securing their life insurance coverage.

Please feel free to see client testimonials further down this page. These reviews are authentic and provide no identifying information due to the sensitive nature of the product that I sell. I did not want last names or profile pictures included. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Most states offer a 30 Day FREE look period when you buy a life insurance policy. This provision gives you an opportunity to review the full life insurance contract after receiving your issued policy. The length of time varies by state.

If for whatever reason you want to discontinue the policy you simply submit a cancellation request within the FREE look period to receive a refund of all premiums paid. Check with me for the regulations in your state. 

That being said, I do not recommend discontinuing any life insurance plan unless you have another one in place! Life insurance is pretty straightforward and if you work with me as your agent, it’s unlikely you will want to exercise this FREE look period. 

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