Insure The Heroes offers affordable, term life insurance plans

Military Families

The SGLI, FSGLI and the VGLI plans are often too little for families. There are several military friendly companies that offer supplemental coverage. 

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Whether you are a new, experienced, single or stay at home parent, making sure you have the best life insurance plan is vital to protecting your family's future. 

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Business Owners

Business owners that work hard to build their American Dream need to consider their succession plan. Common plans are buy sell, key person and SBA loan. 

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Protect What Matters Most

We buy insurance on tangible items like homes, offices, vehicles and or belongings. Let us know forget the things that are unseen. 

Our paychecks are vital to the ones who rely on us. The people we love often count on us working for a long time. Will your current life insurance be truly enough?

Insure The Heroes is an independent, life insurance brokerage. 

As a broker, Melissa Schreur, offers competitive, term life insurance coverage from top rated companies. With 15+ years of experience she helps her customers pick the plan that fits their specific needs.

Melissa offers the following life insurance services:

  • Analysis to calculate coverage needs
  • Portfolio design to choose policies
  • Consultation for add ons and riders
  • Beneficiary review and discussion
  • Preliminary estimates for rates
  • Application monitoring to approval
  • Policy contract overview and copy
  • Annual or life event check ups 

Life insurance is love.

Taking steps to set up the proper life insurance protection is an act of love. Your beneficiary will be thankful they didn't have to suffer financially while grieving if you pass away. After all, it's the least we can do for people we love, right?

It's not for you, but for the ones you leave behind.

Protect your home front with life insurance.

Securing life insurance is less hassle and more affordable than you think. By working with a brokerage you can save time AND money. Check prices from financially secure, reputable companies with an agent you can trust. 

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Where are you?

Looking into your life insurance options can be confusing! There's so much information out there to take in. You may have never thought about owning a life insurance policy or you applied only to get denied from the company.  

Insure The Heroes can help make sense of your options. Pick the scenario that best describes you!

I'm not sure

Discovery Mode

  • You aren't sure if you need coverage
  • You think life insurance may be a scam
  • You're interested in learning more
  • You're willing to spend a little money
  • You were told to look into a plan

Actively Shopping

Checking prices & plans

  • You feel confident you need coverage
  • You need to compare your options
  • You can afford to pay for a plan 
  • You want the best bang for your buck
  • You want to protect your beneficiary 

I need help!

Looking for a solution

  • You have been denied coverage before
  • You were offered a higher price 
  • You need a second opinion
  • You are hoping someone can help
  • You need to know your options

Start protecting your home front today!